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Repairs and restoration for British Motorcycles.

Countryside Cycle announces the acquisition of the massive inventory of Al Bentley, long time Triumph dealer of Montgomery, Alabama. Mr. Bentley's NOS parts include pre-unit 500-650 Twins, Unit 500-650 to 1970, OIF Triumph 1971 to 1982 650-750. 4 and 5 speed Twins. Used parts include wheels, frames, tanks, fenders and coachwork. Lots of NOS Lucus parts have been added as well. This acquisition shall bolster Countryside's already existing inventory by the addition of 400-500 new part numbers. Since time restraints preclude the addition of all used parts to the inventory, please inquire as to price and availability of all used parts.


Countryside Cycle Shop offers complete engine rebuild and machine services for British Motorcycles including:

1967 Triumph Daytona
  • dynamic crankshaft balancing,
  • cylinder boring,
  • 3-angle cut valve jobs,
  • beadblasting,
  • precision crankshaft turning,
  • engine rebuilding, and
  • transmission rebuilding.

We specialize in parts and service for British Triumph and BSA air cooled motorcycles from 1953 on.

  • Stock of over 5,500 NOS original parts.
  • Complete machine shop services
  • Triumph/BSA engine rebuilds
  • NOS and Used Parts Triumph/BSA (1953 on)
  • Throttle, brake, clutch, mag, control cables for all models.
  • Lucas, Amal, and Girling
  • Welding and aluminum case repair
  • Exhaust systems, clamps and mufflers
  • Complete rebuilt BSA and Triumph unit twin engines for sale
  • Lucas electrical components
  • AMAL Carburetors, parts, rebuild kits, and throttle cables
  • PWK 30mm Carbs. Direct bolt on update for BSA and TRI Twins. Stock throttle cable and air cleaner. Push pull choke. No more gas puking on your fingers and engine.
  • Ignition Systems from Pazonn (NZ) and Vape (Checz Republic)
  • Smiths Instruments and replacement cables
  • Hepolite pistons and rings
  • Lockheed pads, pipes, hoses, calipers, Stailness Steel master cylinders, rebuild kits and fittings
  • Whitworth and British Standard wrenches and sockets
  • CEI, Whitworth and British Standard Taps and dies
  • BSA and Triumph special tools
  • Specialty marked British Fasteners: Bradleys, Wiley, Rubery Owen, etc.
  • Triumph and BSA used parts
  • Haynes workshop manuals
  • Reprints of original factory parts books

We ship parts UPS, FedEx, USPS with Pay Pal or USPO Money Order. You may also pay via personal check in advance of shipping. All parts are guaranteed to be the correct parts ordered and subject to customers approval. Return subject to 10% restocking and accounting fee. Parts may be returned for credit or refund.

World-wide shipping available!

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2326 Amelia Circle - Tallahassee, FL 32304
Telephone: (850) 575-6889